Steph Lacoste — Alberta, Canada

These are some of the lies circulating about the net: “Steph kind of knows she needs a pimp but isn’t sure about finding one, she’s shy about asking for help, most people think she knows all about trashy men, she’s always f*****g her friends’ guys and she only got pregnant once, two signs of a knowlegable w***e, one ready to start earning a living doing what she does naturally. She knows all about B.C. Bud and pepsi. And all about Steve and Nick Grunwald and Kelly Crump and Brandon and John Roberts and Ryan Kunstleben and Tyler Walker and Steve and his brother, Brad Gray and Conrad Johnston and Nikki and Dustin and Sophia and Delbert and 5 or 6 other guys from the bar where the second John drinks. I’m forgetting a few but you get the picture. I hope she gets it together and people stop lying about her, Conrad Johnston does not have a big d**k and his nickname is shrimp if you need proof. He dated a s***k, two sloots and a slore; now one of them is lying about Steph and making s**t up to make herself look better. This is a merry-go-round of lies and it’s got to stop. Tyler f****d Steve while Kelly was f*****g a ladydude and Brad watched while Nikki and John Roberts watched Conrad live up to his name and shoot a granual of c*m from his crustachean-sized weeny. Nick Grunwald rolled another spliff and smoked it with Brad while Ryan Kunstleben was jerking offto his image in the mirror and John # 1 has just cleaned it to do another line of pepsi while Tyler was doing a shot out of Delberts belly button and John Roberts wanted to see him get flipped and f****d from behind by Sophia wearing a strap-on and lassoing Kelly while he f****d ol ladydude. You all a f*****g hot mess up there. We don’t know who to believe, anymore. If one of Conrad’s sloots, the one who’s drd-free, will please help us straighten out the web of deceit, it would certainly go a long way in clarifying this orgy mat before it gets too slippery. Thanks, and you all should have been aborted for bringing this shame to your names and those of your families. John number two is picking his nose, again, and I’d like to add him to the fun, see if he laughs when he sees it posted for the world to read about, faggots and faeries and dope fiends looking for attention. You got it now, enjoy your fame.

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  1. Funny that Steph is posted with the first sentence saying that there’s lies about her all over the internet. So here are the truths , just so everyone is clear . Steph is a little girl that looks for any man to financially support her , she drinks and does drugs all the time , she used to work with mentally disabled people in Lethbridge and having s*x at the clients care homes with random men while she’s supposed to be caring for her clients and she’s had 3 abortions in 2018. 2018 was a busy year for Steph . Juggling and cheating on multiple men . Brandon McPherson , John #1 , Nick Grunwald , Conrad Johnson , Tyler Walker , John , Steve , Brad Gray , Kelly Crump , Ryan Kunstleben and a few more other victims . She tries to make people think she has her life together but she is such a s**t show . She’s all over the place and doesn’t even know how funny her life is to everyone else around her She has multiple men in her life that she lies to and manipulates . When they find out all about her sick little games , they dump her . After she gets dumped she tries to ruin her ex boyfriends life. Tried to make sure her ex John couldn’t see his daughter , tried make sure her ex Tyler wasn’t allowed to see his daughter , tried to make sure her ex boyfriend Nick didn’t get engaged to the love of his life and then she tried to ruin Ryan’s life by spreading rumors that he was gay . All of her attempts failed . Her ex’s are now beyond happy that they are rid of Steph and her games . Shes so childish. Can’t handle getting dumped. She’s severely damaged and needs help . She got pregnant with the first ex-boyfriend John she was dating , the second ex-boyfriend John she was dating – John Roberts and Nick Grunwald’s baby . She aborted all 3 in 2018 . Now she’s pregnant with a child molesters baby . The father is Brad Gray. She moved to a house just outside of Coaldale because of the shame of being impregnated with the child molesters baby . She’s a big joke . She keeps telling people that she’s so happy with her child molester , convicted murderer boyfriend. But yet she stays with Brad because she has nowhere else to go . So she hides in the house outside of Coaldale . And the funny thing is , Brad is just using Steph and playing her like he’s his little p**n all so he can try to get even with his ex-girlfriend. Nobody cares about her and she thinks she’s somebody special . Everyone knows she is a delusional , lying , manipulating , attention seeking h0e that jumps from man to man . She comes from a family that are users and abusers. Her fat slob of a mom taught her well . Follows in her mommy’s footsteps. She talks about everyone ruining things for her but in reality she ruins her own life and then sits and tries to get sympathy from her friends. It’s sad . Steph go seek help . It’s sad and old. But yet here we are . You are once again in the spotlight trying to drum up some attention for yourself . I get that you’re bored being pregnant with the child molesters baby but seriously grow up . The only person who should be ashamed of themselves in this story is Steph .

    1. Sounds like you got a lot of problems and some issues yourself. Let me guess your so perfect right… Far from it and hope you don’t forget that. Seeing as we are all here for the same reason and that is to assume s**t. What is it exactly can I assume and make you look like your a piece of s**t. Oh wait you did it for yourself. I hope karma catches up with you someday and you will learn your lesson the hard way. Peace out britches.

      1. Oh you can bet your a*s that karma is going to catch up for Steph and Brad ! You can’t treat everyone in your life the way they do and get away with it . It’s slowly coming along

    2. Hahaha I wish I made this post. Even I couldnt be a good a*s story teller like the OP. Seems to me like you fools are the only ones going on…making lies and ridiculous stories. Were living the dream while all you silly f***s are still stuck on the same old bullshit from over a year ago. And I have to get over it? Please. Get a life…. leave ours alone. No shame here…and guess what folks – there are zero f***s given…. so have fun with that.

      1. You’re going to give alot of f***s after your little r****d baby is born . Your baby is going to be just as dumb as your daughter Ava is. I’ve got plans for you Steph . You shouldn’t have lied , called the cops , got a fake restraining order and played victim . You’re time is coming . And as for your limp d**k goof action boyfriend Brad , he’s got alot of people looking for him too . You both have created a long line of enemies . Have fun “living the dream” Steph . How’s living on the Westside ? LOL watch out

        1. Lol. Real cool!! Calling a kid dumb hey.. feel like a big tuff guy do ya? Pretty sure shes more mature then the likes of you people…Only restraining order I had was on my limp d**k ex loser/ dead beat dad, sorry excuse for a boyfriend. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t fake. So..have fun with what now? Pretty sad its years later and your still going on. Lol what a sad pathetic excuse for a human being you truly are there bud. Lol but dont you worry. Were doing just fine, like I said – living the dream. Sure in the f**k ain’t scared of any of you sad little b*****s who run thier mouth…

          1. You just wait Steph . You will see . You like to f**k with people’s lives and then try to play the victim . Your time is coming soon honey

          2. Lol. All this is is allllllll talk lol. Who’s caught up on drama? Who’s caught up with the attention seeking bullshit ? Who acted like a fat slob who got caught eating thier cake? All steph did was wash her hands and walk the f**k away… maybe you guys shouldnt have been a bunch of losers and cry about it. And this wouldnt have happened ! So get over it already. For a whole year you’ve been stewing about steph who’s moved on with her life…she doesnt care. Why do you? Nothing better to do hey?

          3. Hahaha ha I’m pretty sure this same threat and the same story has been going on for well over a year eh….ummmm get the f**k over it. No one gives a f**k about the whiny britches on the internet. Steph is the victim Hahaha Hahaha f**k you fooled me. Shes not the one on here making the assumptions that you f**k faces are making.

  2. So Steph and Brad aren’t in Coaldale or anywhere near Coaldale. They are living in a house on Walsh Drive in West Lethbridge. You guys should really pay your bills . Karma

  3. I’m not sure who you are talking about Steph but I am talking about you and what you did in our relationship . Not what someone else did . I don’t even know who you are referring to but this post is all about YOU and your s****y actions as a girlfriend and as a mother . That’s it , that’s all . If you cant figure out who I am , then you are as dumb as your daughter Ava and soon to be new baby boy Teagan ! You stupid t**t

  4. Hopefully you don’t leave your new mutt outside in the yard of the acerage you and your pedofile boyfriend live on . Saw the dog out in the yard the other day when I drove by . Might have to throw a big chuck of poisonous meat in the yard for the mutt to chew on LOL oh Steph this is going to be fun ! You tried so hard to hide and not let anybody know where you moved to . Well thanks to Brad not paying his bills and me investigating around on Facebook , I found out so much more new info on you and Brad ! It’s awesome . Cheers you stupid cvnt

    1. Hahaha you must be f*****g stupid to think that you are on hiding. Attention seeking c***s…. must be nice to be lazy and a stalker. Don’t you have anything else better to do with your lives. Actually you don’t it’s quite obvious since this same bullshiy has been leaving your traps for over a year now. Haven’t you noticed yet that nobody cares about what you have to say. Keep up the great work you dumb f***s. Karma.

    2. Do you not realize how crazy you seem. Threatening steph and brad…thier dog. Talking about their unborn child.. maybe a new job as a p.i would serve you well… hahaha wow Stalking them..over something she did apparently to you? In a relationship how long ago? Hunny maybe you should let it go….get over it. Clearly she has and your stuck riding in the past about her. Butthurt are ya? What ya going to do with all that new found information…lol tell someone? Make up some more lies and posts… you people are crazy!

    3. Can’t wait for you to go back to work after the baby is born ! The posters are being made . Going to hang them up at your work , Ava’s school and the college (because you were attending there) . I’m going to make sure that lots of people know what you are about and what you have done . Just remember Steph , YOU did this ! Screwed with the wrong person

      1. Hahaha steph screwed with the wrong person? How so…pleasegive details. Hanging posters, lol alrighty then. How long ago did this happen, your claims.? And your still going on and on and on about it. Hola your a sad sad soul. Leave steph and brad alone… you really are pathetic.

      2. And let’s not forget about Brad ! Got a few things planned for him and his trucks LOL now I got his mom’s address , Tommy and Kelsy’s address and Amanda and Matt’s address . Funny because when Brad didn’t pay his bills , I found out where Brad has alot of his business accounts for B Gray Ventures are ! So posters will be put up at this businesses as well . Just so they are aware that they do business with a convicted murderer pedofile . You stupid little b***h . Should’ve thought about who you were s******g with

  5. Steph you can try to deflect all you want . You know exactly what you did and who you did it to . You’re not going to get off that easy . And I don’t give 2 fvcks if you’re pregnant or not . You are disgusting , evil , self centered and fake . Your life is a joke . Try and pump it up and make believe you aren’t a clown . Fine by me . But anybody who really knows you , knows what a joke you are . You use everybody in your life . You will get what’s coming to you . I can guarantee that . Like I said , your time is coming . And it’s going to be fantastic when your life falls apart in front of your eyes . You fvcking gross squid pig of a woman . Hopefully you told your doctor about the risk that you could have herpes . Should’ve got Brad tested before he threw his c*ck in your huge gash . It would be a shame if your baby was born and had an STD . Poor little b*****d baby doesn’t even stand a chance . Daddy Brad is a murderer pedofile and Mommy Steph is a slvtty wh*re . You should be so proud Steph

    1. Hahaha ha f**k your such a f*****g joke. Have you ever thought about what you are like you big fat fugly f*****g c**t. Take a good look in the mirror. You sound and look so pathetic and on here uttering threats keep it up. your doing such a good job. A for effort you dumb f**k. Herbie eh… Better then a blue waffle over used c**t. Remind me again who would touch that… After 6 fugly kids have been pushed through it. I don’t know who the f**k in the right mind would touch that. I sure as f**k wouldn’t. So tough tho right…. We are all waiting oh so patiently. We are shaking in our boots waiting for your fat a*s. Peace b***h. Oh also Notice how no body cares. Show your face already instead of being hung up for the past year and saying the same thing over And over again. Bye for now. 😊😊

      1. I don’t have 6 kids , I’m a male not a female . You are so dumb . You can’t even figure it out . I have shown my face , I was just by your acerage the other day and saw Brad driving his piece of s**t white semi . And then I passed you both on bridge drive west in your white SUV . I am around , have always been around and will continue to be around . You and Brad are the cop callers , not me . Call the cops on me because I was supposedly assaulting you LMAO , call the cops on Crystal because she is supposedly harrassing you , call the cops on Travis because he is supposedly harrassing you as well . You and Brad are hilarious

        1. Lol do you feel better stalking them? Clearly your f****d in the head. Soooo hung up on steph eh. You poor thing. I feel bad for you. Am I wrong Jean-Claude?? Arent you going to kelowna in a few days..does melissa know ? Maybe she needs another heads up! Hahaha crystals a goof. Just like you and whoever this travis is.

    2. Oh jeeze. You guys are still going on… about the same s**t.. give it up already. You really need to find some new people to try and mess with other then steph and brad. It’s quite sad that you still cant let it go. How long has it been now? Whos crying out for attention. Sure isnt them…its all you. Jean claude, crystal. Whoever you goofs are pretending to be. Pretty sure stephs a strong woman and can handle her s**t. Which might I add, she has. Very gracefully. Her jobs are secure, her life is stable, her relationship is more stronger and happier then it could ever have been. Her kids are taken care of, her baby is growing healthy and they couldnt be more excited. So go make all the threats, all the posters you need to make yourself feel better that you’ve lost yourselves in all this mess that you fools created. What part of they dont give a flying f**k dont you get. The people who know the truth of what’s gone on, dont care about the he said she done this and that. And that’s all that matters. Maybe you shouldnt have got caught having your cake and eating it too and you wouldnt be in this mess. Eh crystal. And jean. Maybe you shouldnt have been a dead beat loser to steph and her kid and every other girl you dated under the sun and you wouldnt be in this mess either. Both you idiot’s are hung up on her and brad and it’s hilarious. Sad. Pathetic. Grow the f**k up. Get a life. Because what goes around comes back 10 fold… karma is a beautiful creature of nature.. you will see..or clearly you have already because here you both are being complete idiots, unable to let go, unable to move forward with your lives and stuck in the sad tragedy of what you had and what you’ve lost. Peace out losers.

      1. Handle her s**t quite gracefully ? Steph has f****d so many dudes in 2018 , it was crazy . 10 or 11 last time I checked . She accused her tattoo artist of raping her , she constantly called the cops claiming everyone is out to get her , she got kicked out of her house and now Steph is pregnant with a child molesters baby ! Ya that sounds like she really handled her s**t gracefully . Steph you are an idiot

        1. What does it matter how many people she slept with. Or didnt sleep with. Jealous much? Pretty sure she didnt accuse her tattoo artist of raping her and I’m 100% sure she didnt get kicked out of her house…you keep going on about this child molester…wheres your proof bro

  6. Pretty funny that you keep saying you don’t care what is posted here or what people think of you or Brad . But yet you post comments trying to defend yourself Steph and trying to make people think you have your life together . Lol we all know that’s not the truth ! But nice attempt

    1. And your right. They dont give 2 f***s what’s posted on the internet. Hahaha not like elyou havent posted every lie under the sun about them.
      And I promise you this….it ain’t steph commenting. She has better things to do. Like live a life….that’s peaceful and drama free. You should try it some time thier buddy

      1. They sure do give 2 f***s about what’s posted online about them . That’s why they keep calling the cops . And yes Steph has been commenting on this post . She Hates it when people call her daughter Ava a r****d lol this is so funny . And now she’s having another dumb baby . Like mommy like son and daughter

  7. Hahahaha this is Steph 100% ! She acted like a little b***h when I dumped her . She’s dirty . Needs to grow the h**l up . And take a shower lol

  8. You guys feel good about calling a child down. How pathetic and sad you must be to bring a child into any of your ridiculous drama . It’s funny that you keep going on and on and on. Good ole key board warriors. Hahaha and ruined every guy shes been with hey. Yeah I’m sure that’s the case. Give it up already. Your s***s getting old

  9. This is priceless ! Hey Steph remember when I f****d you in the back of my vehicle up on the Westside ? Wonder why I dropped you off right after ? Your s****h stunk of rotten fish . This was at the same time period as when you were f*****g me , Kelly and Tyler all at the same time . Gross.wish I would’ve known how many dudes you were blowing and f*****g while I was in the picture

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