Sean Walker – Tampa, Florida

Lying pos woman user, cheater, truck driver, uses women and leaves. Creates multiple profiles and all background a lie. Met on POF and was fkn used. Then he created another profile and approached the same way. Then hit on two of my friends the same way but never knew Did research and he was living with some chick and a dog the whole time.

5 thoughts on “Sean Walker – Tampa, Florida

  1. The chick was living with 2 dogs, Spot and Sean Walker. He gets caught and just rolls over in his own s**t and starts the same scam. He rolls out in his truck and it stinks something awful. He gets back, sits up and speaks: I needs a good woman to ear with, sleep with and, most importantly, to bathe with. Any girls like bubble baths?

  2. He invited me to meet up in his truck as he came thru my town. Met on POF and he was going to be coming thru Orlando. He is great at giving compliments to get what he wants. I did the research too and saw his girlfriend as well. Not sure why he was creepin because she was a beautiful blonde. I guess all truckers cheat on the road. Yes beware. He lives on POF and changes profiles often.

  3. Serial one nighter. Hes been on pof for years. Floods you with compliments to suck you in. Once he gets what he wants he eventually loses interest.

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