Kevin Poe

This is Kevin Poe of Pevely MO. He is the master of manipulation and thinks he is untouchable. He is just a lousy piece of s**t softball coach and used to be racist turned civil rights activist. His daughter whores around late at night, runs red lights and stop signs and he doesn’t care. Also, his wife doesn’t seem to mind that Kevin has been accused of messing with young girls and their moms. Yet…she’s completely oblivious. Kevin has ALSO been accused of having incest with his mother Cheryl (whose also on here) and actually was CAUGHT by his stepfather and that is what caused their divorce. That is sad. He was performing oral s*x on his mom. We might live in Missouri but that’s still disgusting to mess with your mom. He used to be an alcoholic but now he’s just an online FB bully who stalks and likes to post untrue things and hide behind fake threats and his brother whose a Jeffco cop. Beware CheaterBoard! He will have his “lawyer” threaten you.

5 thoughts on “Kevin Poe

  1. Kevin won’t ever show up at anyones door yet he sure likes to dish the bullshit but doesnt like to take it. He runs his mouth and then hides behind lawyers and his cop brother #yournotinhighschoolanymore

  2. Have you seen the saggy t**s on his broad in his latest FB photo my goodness breast lift anyone…oh wait you cant even afford gas and a teacher salary doesn’t allow for b**b lifts

  3. I go to school with Reagan and she’s nice but everyone knows she has s*x in the bathroom at school and her boyfriend isnt the first one she gets around and its no secret but her parents dont supervise they let her alone with men and everything else so what do you expect?

    1. Yeah and the school trip we just took she was hooking up with atleast 2 guys including her bf gross way to earn a reputation

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