Hong Kong Wellness Warrior, Coco Chan 陳玉霞, famously did time in California prison as a repeat-convicted felon of non-coercive transactions to use, obtain, possess and sell illegal drugs @Cokes C0caine!

Honkies are so stupid, they buy whatever I tell them. after I moved back to Hong Kong a decade ago, I have been shining like a diamond, I pretend to be smart, and bubbly. I fake an accent when I speak Cantonese, pretend to be so Americanized. Pretend I didn’t come from a broken fuked up family… I google then fake all the stuff I say on articles and interviews, pretend to be reinvented,, I am a wellness warrior now. My name is Coco Chan, a mother, a wife practically a role model for many Honkies idiots! Who would know a decade ago, I was a famous cheap H) in California!
香港人真係簡單白癡當正我係美國返嚟華山聖母觀音葡撻. 美國留學跟佬淫飲蕩吮, 卒之我賣白粉要洗閪洗屎忽去坐監。
H3ll warrior I am! They never knew I love to be fu cked by c0caine-powdered pen!s.. My full name is Coco Alexandra Chan 陳玉霞 (small.tsa@gmail.com), I graduated in Hong Kong International School 2003. Following all the rest of Tsu’s, I ended up in the party state, it’s more than LaLaLaLand, of course I failed school and d**n proud of it, look how popular I have become!

H0E H0E WH0RE, yep that’s me the girl gone wild met the world of clubs, drugs, Holy-molly-wood, s*x, because my pu$sy was passed around being sha aged by a gang of American born Vietnamese, Chinese and Koreans.. End of any weekends in my 20s, my c unt juiced out a river of coked-up gooey stinky sp erm, drip me a river, yeah!. Oh I love The United Color of Benetton of S perm, many ST Ds, Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea. Hepatitis, you name it, I have gotten them, oh and Syphilis! My children will be so proud of their Mama!

My juicy v@gina finally found it’s match with this Canadian Chinese whose pen!s practically sh00ts out coked up cu m up my fat loose moist messy creamy clammy fish saucy Pho Hoisin asian v@gina canal! Mmmm Coke, c0caine, I could su ck up 5 lines at a time, it made me so hor ny I could drip out the wettest wall of puS$y juice to sit on 2 di cks for hours at a time! that’s why my nickname and instagram is @Cokes

Soon I graduated as Yes I became a drug smuggler and dealer, for him with him, Yes, I am a convicted drug user/dealer and I looked good and totally wellness wearing all orange for the next months accessorized with cuffs and shackles! Don’t confront me through emails, because I will not be able to swear it to the lives of my family that I was never been convicted!

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